Non-Cosmetic Reasons You May Need Dental Veneers

Veneers make your smile movie star-worthy, so you smile more often, make more impactful first impressions, and aren’t afraid to put yourself out there for work and social engagements.

The benefits of veneers don’t end with their cosmetic effects, however. Your oral health and teeth function also improve dramatically with the placement of veneers. At Orangecrest Family Dental in Riverside, California, Dr. Mohammadizadeh – Dr. Zadeh for short – offers natural-looking porcelain veneers and Lumineers® to men and women looking to enhance their smile.

Read on to learn how an investment in veneers is an investment in your quality of life.

Correcting an irregular bite

Though you may be familiar with the ability of porcelain veneers to give your teeth an even color, size, and shape, know that these thin overlays may also correct problems with your bite. Chipped or cracked teeth and uneven bites with gaps between teeth can be evened out with veneers.

This makes cleaning easier and more effective, which prevents decay. An even bite works better when you chew your food, improving your digestion.

Stronger teeth for long-term health

Veneers also strengthen your teeth. As you get older, the enamel surface of your teeth can wear away due to age and use. This means your teeth are more vulnerable to decay and breakage. Veneers give your teeth a fresh outer surface for the long-term, keeping them fully covered and protected.

The process of getting veneers

Getting veneers takes a few appointments. You first come in to have your smile evaluated and assessed. If veneers are the right course of treatment, Dr. Zadeh than reduces an incredibly small amount of your outer enamel to fit the porcelain overlays over your existing teeth. She takes molds for your veneers and sends these off to a lab for the overlays to be cast in color and shape that matches your smile.

At a later appointment, we place the veneers and bond them permanently to your teeth to give you a stunning smile.

Versatility of veneers

A veneer can be placed on just one tooth or on multiple teeth to completely revise your smile. A veneer may take the place of a dental crown. Veneers feel and function just like natural teeth.

Veneers can also eliminate the need for braces. They can make mildly crooked teeth look aligned without years of metal in your mouth.

Veneers are also permanent and irreversible, which last 7-15 years, after which time, you’ll need a new set to maintain your new smile. Exactly how long they last depend a lot on your personal oral hygiene habits. Brush two times daily (at least), floss, and come in for regular dental cleanings and check-ups.

Not all patients are ideal candidates for veneers. If you grind your teeth or suffer from gum disease, veneers might not be the right solution for you. Dr. Zadeh can suggest other alternatives. 

Orangecrest Family Dental also offers Lumineers®, which are a thinner veneer that requires less modification of your underlying teeth.

Lumineers work best if you don’t have significant tooth discoloration or alignment issues. They require less time and modification for application.

For a thorough smile assessment, contact us at Orangecrest Family Dental. Call the office, or schedule an appointment using this website. We can help you determine how veneers or other cosmetic treatments can enhance your smile.

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