What to Do if You Crack a Tooth

For every 100 Americans, approximately five teeth are broken every year. Of these, nearly half are back molars in the lower jaw. Do you know what to do if you experience a cracked tooth? 

At Orangecrest Family Dental Practice in Riverside, California, Dr. Sheida Mohammedizadeh can evaluate your cracked tooth and help restore it with a crown. If the tooth pulp is infected, she can perform a root canal first to relieve your pain and then complete the restoration.

Common causes of cracked teeth

There are many causes of cracked teeth, including:

A tell-tale sign of a serious cracked tooth is pain related to pressure or temperature change. If your tooth hurts suddenly and fiercely when you drink or eat something very hot or very cold, or when you bite down and release, you could have a cracked tooth. Many cracks aren’t visible to the eye.

What to do if you have a cracked tooth

The most important thing you can do if you suspect you have a cracked tooth is see a dentist as soon as possible. If you have to wait for an appointment, you can do the following things to help minimize further damage:

Dr. Mohammedizadeh understands how painful a cracked tooth can be. Our office will try to schedule you as quickly as possible. In most cases, a cracked tooth can be salvaged. If there is infection, she can perform a root canal to clean out the infected pulp inside your tooth. A custom crown can be fitted to stabilize your tooth and restore your smile.

Think you may have a cracked tooth? Contact our office at 951-381-2401 to request an appointment. 

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